About Amvets

The AMVETS National Service Foundation was created in 1948, with the goal of assisting our returning veterans from World War II by aiding in their readjustment back into civilian life. This goal has continued to this date.

As one of America’s foremost veterans service organizations, AMVETS (or American Veterans) has a proud history of assisting veterans and sponsoring numerous programs that serve our country and its citizens. The helping hand that AMVETS extends to veterans and their families takes many forms. Over the years, AMVETS has been in the forefront of public-policy related to national defense, services for homeless veterans, adequate funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs, concurrent receipt of retirement pay and disability compensation by disabled military retirees, veterans employment and training, POW/MIA accountability and flag protection.

Our post was officially chartered in 1999. We have been at our current location since 2009. Our membership has increased substantially as well as our ability to make contributions to local veteran needs and organizations. We currently have about 230 AmVets members, 55 Sons of AmVets members, and 46 Ladies Auxiliary members.

Our facilities include a canteen area, a conference room/game room, and an outside covered pavillion known as the FoxHole. Every so often we host some sort of fund raising benefit by having fish fry’s, bbq’s and other cook outs. Come out and join us if you’re in the neighborhood.

Our facility is a Smoke Friendly Post. We do have smoke eaters than run 24/7 to eliminate the smoke inside the building, however we also have the outside area for those that do not wish to be around smoke.

We have 6 large screen TV’s and we subscribe to every single sports channel. So you never have to miss a game regardless what sport your watching (Golf, NASCAR, College ball, NFL, Etc.). We even have large screen TV set up outside in the FoxHole.

We have steel-tip dart boards set up in the canteen as well as a Touch-Tunes jukebox and multiple electronic bingo machines (for members only). There is a game room where weekly poker tournaments are hosted. It is also equipped with a 22 foot tournament style shuffle board.

We are not  donation location but there is a clothing drop box located at the entrance to our post. If you or anyone you know has any unwanted clothing, shoes, furniture, or household items that you would like to donate, please feel free to contact AmVets Donation Pick Up. 904-389-4317

“Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty.” President John F. Kennedy