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  Our post was originally chartered in 1999. We have been at our current location since 2009 and already our membership has increased substantially as well as our ability to make contributions to veteran organizations. We currently have about 172 AmVets members, 55 Sons of AmVets members, and 46 Ladies Auxiliary members.


  Our facilities include a canteen area, a conference room, a game room, a kitchen/pantry area, and an outside sitting area (a covered pavilion known as the Fox Hole). We also have free WiFi for those of you that know what that is. About once a month we have some sort of cookout, such as bbq, fish fry's, burgers, chicken quarters, etc. Come out and join us if you're in the neighborhood.

We are not  donation location but there is a clothing drop box located at the entrance to our post. If you or anyone you know has any unwanted clothing,shoes,furniture, or household items that you would like to donate, please feel free to contact AmVets Donation Pick Up. 904-389-4317

Come join us to root for your favorite football team. Whether it be college or professional we've got you covered.
During football season we have the NFL Package as well as the SEC Network so you never have to miss a game. Come in and watch on one of our five HD flat screen TV's or on the large flat screen located outside in the Fox Hole.

CanteenOur canteen area is the hub of our establishment. Most of our members spend their time here enjoying a beverage while watching sports or day time game shows. The canteen area is equipped with two smoke eaters for the comfort of all patrons, 5 big flat screen TV's, two steel tip dart boards, and live feed jukebox. We also have pull tab bingo for members only.

We have a 22 foot long tournament style shuffle board table and every Wednesday and Saturday there is a shuffleboard tournament.

22' Shuffle Board Table

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